e-bike rebate program

Black Diamond Bikes are a participating e-bike retailer for the BC E-Bike Rebate Program. 

  1. Apply
  2. Get Approved
  3. Buy Your E-Bike – see below
  4. Claim Your Rebate

Buy Your E-Bike

  1. Black Diamond Bikes are a Marin Bikes dealership, meaning we can order Marin’s e-bikes, subject to availability.
  2. Decide which Marin E-Bike you wish to purchase, the minimum purchase price is $2,000 (before taxes). The qualifying price can be increased by upgrading fundamental parts, e.g. tires. 
  3. Ask Black Diamond to check availability. 
  4. You pay Black Diamond for the bike. 
  5. Black Diamond order the bike, ETA is dependent on the model. 
  6. Black Diamond receives and builds the bike. 
  7. You pick up your new e-bike and receipt for rebate! 

Example E-Bike Options (for the full list view marinbikes.com)

Marin sausalito E1 - $3149

Marin Stinson E -$1999*

*Upgrade to fundamental parts required to hit the $2000 minimum.