Downhill bikes

Downhill bikes are built to go downhill in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Our Premium bikes are the current model with Fox performance suspension.

Premium Downhill Bikes

Downhill Bikes

enduro trail bikes

Enduro Trail Bikes are full suspension and built for exploring the single track and earning the downhill fun. Not for use in the Whistler Bike Park. 

Enduro Trail Bikes

Kids' Enduro Trail Bikes

Recreational hardtail Bikes

Front suspension bikes perfect for exploring Whistler’s paved and gravel valley trail network.

Recreational Hardtail Bikes

Kids' Recreational Hardtail Bikes


Rigid frame, pedal assist E-Bikes make exploring Whistler’s paved valley trail network almost effortless. 

Kids' Bikes & Trailers

We have full suspension kids’ bikes for singletrack or Bike Park, front suspension for the valley trail and trailers for small children.

Kids' Enduro Trail Bikes

Kids' Recreational Hardtail Bikes

Kids' Trailers

2022 REntal rates

Book 24 hours in advance to receive a 15% pre-book discount

Bike TypeDuration2 Hours4 Hours1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days 6 Days7 DaysAdditional Days
Recreational HardtailPre-Book$31.45$41.65$51.85$95.20$135.15$170.00$204.00$239.70$273.70$39.10
Walk In$37.00$49.00$61.00$112.00$159.00$200.00$240.00$282.00$322.00$46.00
Kid's Recreational Hardtail & TrailersPre-Book$20.40$28.90$37.40$68.00$91.80$112.20$131.75$147.90$166.60$23.80
Walk In$24.00$34.00$44.00$80.00$108.00$132.00$155.00$174.00$196.00$28.00
Walk In$69.00$86.00$118.00$222.00$315.00$396.00$465.00$522.00$567.00$81.00
Enduro TrailPre-BookN/A$76.50$106.25$200.60$283.05$357.00$425.00$489.60$553.35$79.05
Walk In N/A $90.00$125.00$236.00$333.00$420.00$500.00$576.00$651.00$93.00
Kid's Enduro Trail Pre-Book$56.10$74.80$95.20$176.80$249.90$316.20$374.00$428.40$481.95$68.85
Walk In$66.00$88.00$112.00$208.00$294.00$372.00$440.00$504.00$567.00$81.00
Walk InN/AN/A$161.00$296.00$411.00$520.00$620.00$720.00$819.00$117.00
Premium DownhillPre-BookN/A N/A $157.25$289.00$402.90$510.00$607.75$703.80$803.25$114.75
Walk InN/A N/A $185.00$340.00$474.00$600.00$715.00$828.00$945.00$135.00

Add ons

Add OnPrice
Damage Waiver -Downhill & Enduro Trail Bikes (per day)$25
Damage Waiver -Kids' Enduro Trail Bikes (per day)$20
Damage Waiver - E-Bikes (per day)$15
Damage Waiver - Valley Trail & Kids' Bikes (per day)$10
Elbow & Knee Pads$25
Kids' Elbow & Knee Pads$20
Lock Deposit$15