View our fleet of rental bikes below. We carry premium bikes from Devinci and Marin, with bikes for all ages and abilities. 

The first step is to decide what type of bike you need. To get the maximum enjoyment out of your ride, select the appropriate bike for the type of riding you plan on doing. 

All of our bike rentals include complimentary helmets and body armor can be added to downhill rentals. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch, we can answer all your questions and get you moving on your Whistler vacation.

Downhill Bikes

Downhill bikes are built to go downhill in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. They have heavy duty disc brakes and suspension with lots of travel to soak up big bumps and jumps.

Grey Devinci Wilson downhill bike


Our pedal assist e-bikes are great for exploring the more than 40km of the paved valley trail network. The bikes are easy to operate and give the rider a smooth boost of power when climbing hills.

Tan Marin Sausalito E-Bike

Valley Trail Bikes

Equipped with front suspension and disc brakes, our fleet of valley trail bikes offer a smooth ride on pavement and are capable on the crushed gravel trails around Lost Lake.

Black Marin hardtail valley trail bike.

Kids' Bikes

Our 20 and 24 inch kid’s bikes may be small, but they don’t skimp when it comes to high-performance features. The intrepid Ewoc is off-road equipped and perfect for pint-size rippers.

Red kids' bike


A trailer allows for your children to travel in total comfort while affording you extreme mobility. The lightweight alloy frame makes hauling children and cargo a breeze.

Tow along trailer

Low Season pricing

20% discount from May 1st – June 15th & September 16th – TBC. 

Bike Type/Duration2 Hours4 Hours1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days 6 Days7 DaysAdditional Days
Valley Bikes$23.20$37.60 $46.40$84.80$122.40$153.60$184$216$246.40$35.20
Kids Bikes & Trailers$19.20$28$35.20$64$86.40$105.60$124$139.20$156.80$22.40
E-Bikes $47.20$65.60$89.60$169.60$240$300.80$352$393.60$431.20$61.60
Downhill BikesN/A$89.60$122.40$225.60$312$396.80$472$547.20$627.20$89.60

HIGH Season pricing

15% pre-book discount from June 16th – September 15th. 

Bike TypeDuration2 Hours4 Hours1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days 6 Days7 DaysAdditional Days
Valley BikesPre-Book$24.65$39.95$49.30$90.10$130.05$163.20$195.50$229.50$261.80$37.40
Walk In$29.00$47.00$58.00$106.00$153.00$192.00$230.00$270.00$308.00$44.00
Kids Bikes & TrailersPre-Book$20.40$29.75$37.40$68.00$91.80$112.20$131.75$147.90$166.60$23.80
Walk In$24.00$35.00$44.00$80.00$108.00$132.00$155.00$174.00$196.00$28.00
E-Bikes Pre-Book$50.20$69.70$95.20$180.20$255.00$319.60$374.00$418.20$458.15$65.50
Walk In$59.00$82.00$112.00$212.00$300.00$376.00$440.00$492.00$539.00$77.00
Downhill BikesPre-BookN/A$95.20$130.10$239.80$331.50$421.60$501.50$581.40$666.40$95.20
Walk InN/A$112.00$153.00$282.00$390.00$496.00$590.00$684.00$784.00$112.00

Add ons

Add OnPrice
Damage Waiver -Downhill Bikes (per day)$25
Damage Waiver - E-Bikes (per day)$15
Damage Waiver - Valley Trail & Kids' Bikes (per day)$10
Body Armor (Elbow & Knee Pads)$25
Lock Deposit$15