Suggested Routes

We have put together a collection of our recommended and most popular cycling routes to explore Whistler on.

The routes below visit some of the most scenic places and points of interest listed below. You can extend any of these rides by stopping for longer at any of these places or customize our routes to include the places you are most interested in!

The routes below are accessible on our Valley Trail Bikes and E-Bikes, utilizing Whistler’s paved valley trail with some crushed gravel sections. Please note that timings are not exact and depend on your fitness and the length of time you wish to stay at each place. If you are unsure how long to rent for, we advise renting for the longer duration to ensure you are not left disappointed when you have to head back to the shop!

Check out these points of interest! 

  • Lost Lake Park
  • Green Lake
  • Green Lake Lookout
  • Meadow Park
  • Rainbow Park
  • Lakeside Park
  • Wayside Park
  • Alpha Lake Park
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Lost Lake Loop – 2 hour Valley Trail ride.

A popular ride to Lost Lake Park on the valley trail and around the lake on the crushed gravel trails. 

Green Lake to Meadow Park – 2 hour E-Bike / 4 Hour Valley Trail ride. 

An extended version of the Green Lake route but returning through Meadow Park and alongside Whistler golf course. The ride can be extended by walking to the Spit or stopping at Table Nineteen.

Whistler Lakes North – 1 Day E-Bike / 1 Day Valley Trail ride. 

An extended version of the Green Lake loop, continuing to Rainbow Park to visit all 3 of the northern lakes. There are plenty of places to stop and explore to make a full day out. 

Whistler Lakes Full Loop – 1 day E-Bike / Multi-Day Valley Trail ride. 

The full tour of Whistler’s lakes, exploring all the main points of interest along the valley trail network and amazing views from different angles. You can customize this route to shorten it where desired. 

Green Lake – 2 hour E-Bike / 2 hour Valley Trail ride. 

 A loop to Green Lake via Lost Lake Park and back along the valley trail. Extend your ride by walking down to the Green Lake spit, watching the float planes take off or land on Green Lake and stopping at Table Nineteen patio for some well earned refreshments. 

Green Lake Lookout- 4 hour E-Bike / 1 Day Valley Trail ride. 

An extended version of the Green Lake loop, continuing to the Green Lake Lookout on the north side of the lake. Enjoy the stunning views back over Whistler Blackcomb. 

Whistler Lakes South – 2 hour E-Bike / 4 hour Valley Trail ride. 

A loop around Whistler’s lakes and parks including Rainbow Park, Lakeside Park and Wayside Park on Alta Lake, Nita Lake and Alpha Lake Park. Extend to a longer ride by stopping at one of the parks.