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marin donky jr 16"

Marin’s kids’ bikes are built around a lightweight aluminium frame and similar high performance features found on adult bikes. Disc brakes offer reliable stopping for safety and control, while one twist gear shifter and a simple 7speed drivetrain offers intuitive functionality. The front suspension (24″ only) and high volume tires make for a comfortable and confidence inspiring ride. We have them with 20″ and 24″ wheels. 

We also have 16″ wheel, Marin Donkey Jr bikes for smaller children. They are single speed so have simple controls and smaller, rigid frames.

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Kids' Recreational Bike Sizing Chart

Rider's Height3'1" - 3'9"
94cm - 114cm
3’9” - 4’4”
114cm - 132cm
4’1” - 5’0”
124cm - 152cm

Kids' Recreational Bike Pricing

Duration2 Hours4 Hours1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days 6 Days7 DaysAdditional Days
Pre-Book 15% Discount$22.10$30.60$39.10$68.00$91.80$112.20$131.75$147.90$166.60$23.80
Walk In$26.00$36.00$46.00$80.00$108.00$132.00$155.00$174.00$196.00$28.00

To receive a 15% pre-book discount:

  • Book at least 24 hours in advance.

Damage Waiver – $10

The Damage Waiver covers any accidental damage incurred to the bike while riding. The damage waiver is optional but recommended. If you do not take the Damage Waiver, you will be liable for the full cost of repair to bring the bike back to full functionality. The Damage Waiver does not cover loss, theft or damage incurred through negligence.


Kids' Bikes

Yes, we have training wheels available that can be used with the 16″ kids’ bikes.

No, unfortunately our kids’ enduro bike does not come with a dropper post. If you are primarily riding the Whistler Bike Park, we would recommend leaving the seat in the lowest position possible, as you will not need to pedal up-hill. If you are riding the single track in the valley, we can adjust the seat height so that it is the correct height for pedaling. 

We have kids’ bikes for children who are 3’9″ or 114cm or taller. For smaller children we offer trailer rentals.

Our 20″ and 24″ kids’ bikes have front and rear disc brakes. Our 16″ kids’ bike has lever-operated rim brakes.

Our kids’ Enduro bikes (Marin Rift Zone Jr) can be taken anywhere! They have front and rear suspension and all the specs to make them suitable for the Whistler Bike Park or on Whistler’s single track trails.

Our Kids’ Recreational Hardtail Bikes have front suspension and high volume tires making them great on the paved and crushed gravel trails. Unfortunately, our kids’ bikes are not suitable for use in the Whistler Bike Park or any more technical single track.